Once the decision has been made to build a deck, the choice of decking
material is just as important as good design and quality construction. A deck
made with Western Red Cedar, will be one of the best looking decks around. Cedar
also has the advantage of being one of the few woods with its own preservative

Western Red Cedar decks are firm but resilient underfoot, not hard and unyielding.
The wood is light weight, easily worked and ideal for almost all types of finishes.
It has an elegance that complements any architectural style and a beauty that
blends into all landscapes.

Adanack supply kiln dried decking in T.K 140mm x 26mm boards. The boards are
available with a unique striation on the face.


4×4 (90mmx90mm) posts surfaced four sides (S4S). They have a slight eased edge(E/E)
and are available in Premium Knotty. Clear grade are also available to order.

2×2 Spindles

The 2×2 (38mmx38mm) are also surfaced 4 sides (S4S) and have slight eased edges(E/E).
They come in lengths of 3’-16’ (O/E) in A&Btr and Select Tight Knot. The 2×2’s are
primarily used as highly visible balusters and other components for exterior structures.
Adanack’s spindles are kiln dried and finished to a “furniture like” appearance.

Cedar Decking Profile with striated face and Underside of cedar decking board

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